TRAINING – To Complete for Consultant Certification

Consultant Training

In the Pueblo Stake, “certification” means: 1) you’re registered on, and 2) you’ve completed the Family History Consultant training below.

It’s important to complete the certification process so that you can be effective in your calling and have the knowledge and tools necessary to properly help your fellow ward and stake members.

Here’s what to do:

1) Register

You need to open your LDS Account.  This will give you access to FamilySearch,,, and all of your Consultant Trainings.

2) Download the Handbooks & Reference Guides

Take some time now, to Review, Study and even Download the Following Handbooks and Reference Guides. This will be a quick reference guide from the church for our studies below..

3) Complete the Training as shown below

There are only 30+ items for you to complete.  This isn’t a race.  What we’re after is comprehension and understanding.  So, take your time and enjoy the journey as you learn the skills you’ll need to help your fellow members in your ward and stake family.

The Church has created an excellent site to give you the  training you need to be an effective Family History Consultant.  
The site has a collection of online resources for fulfilling your calling as a Family History Consultant..  

For your convenience, we’ve listed the training items from this site below:

Online Training Course at


  1. Familiarize yourself with the “Fun in Family History” Website
  2. Read “Handbook 2: Section 5.4.4
  3. Read the Leader’s Guide to Temple and Family History Work
  4. Review the “Family History Consultant Conference Presentation–2011 – Part 1:”
    Family History Work and Organization—The New Leader’s Guide
  5. Read the Policies for Preparing Names for Temple Work   visit here to view in full Member's Guide.
  6. Watch theFamily History Devotional – Elder Richard G. Scott – February 2011 (1 hr., 12 min.)
  7. Watch the Family History Devotional – Elder Allan F. Packer” - April 2010 (44 min.)
  8. Review theTemple and Family History Course Materials
  9. Review the “Family History and Missionary Work” Lesson (15 min.)

Helping Members

  1. Watch the “Principles for Successful Family History Classes” video (11 min.) Bountiful 34th Ward
  2. Watch the “Family History Devotional – Elder L. Whitney Clayton – November 2007 (24 min.)
  3. Watch the Getting Started with Family History” Videos
    Getting Started, Step 1 – Finding Easy Information (3 min)
    Getting Started, Step 2 – Recording & Sharing Your Family History (3 min.)
    Getting Started, Step 3 – Finding Challenging Information (4 min.)
    Getting Started, Step 4 – Using (3 min.)
  4. Watch the “5 Minute Genealogy” Videos (5 min. each)
  5. Listen to the “Family History Consultant Podcast—Helping Members“ (24 min.)
  6. Review the “Family History Consultant Conference Presentations–2011 – Part 2:”
    Family History Centers and Helping Members
  7. Review the list of courses at “Family History Research Courses

FamilySearch - Tree

  1. Use Tree  for your personal family history
  2. Know how to use the Family Tree Helper  function
  3. Practice on the FamilySearch -Tree Practice website
  4. Review the FamilySearch - Tree Training
  5. Review the “FamilySearch Tree Reference Guide


  1. Review the “Family History Consultant Conference Presentations–2011 – Part 3"
    Research Resources (FamilySearch Indexing, Wiki, Forums and Online Training)
  2. Glance through theFamily History Research Wiki
  3. Watch “FamilySearch – Granite Mountain Records Vault, Part 1”  (5 min.)
  4. Watch FamilySearch – Granite Mountain Records Vault, Part 2  (6 min.)

That’s it. A piece of cake!  Nothing to it! You’ve now met all the criteria of a fully trained and certified Family History Consultant — ready to be unleashed on your lucky, unsuspecting ward or stake. Don’t you feel exhilarated (and a little bit tired)?


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